Over the Top

Over the Top Coaching is a leadership development, training and coaching company. We equip business professionals with leadership skills to allow them to discover and maximize their potential, experiences and gifts at their work. We accomplish this through corporate workshops, executive coaching, motivational speaking and facilitating meetings.

Over the top is a phrase that is commonly used in a positive or negative context. Sometimes it can be used to describe someone who is doing something we consider excessive or a bit out of the norm. It can be related to someone doing something a bit out of the norm that we might consider too much or too far out there. On a more positive note, the phrase “over the top” can be used to describe extraordinary accomplishments or performance. I like to ask in a workshop how many people want to have an over the top bank account or an over the top house, or over the top success. Most everyone will agree with wanting that kind of over the top results.

The name “Over the Top Coaching” was a result of me coaching a team of investment bankers on selling over the phone. I had them practice their talk tract in 3 different ways. The first was how they typically do it. The second was using some of the new techniques I trained them on and the final was doing it in a manner they considered “over the top”. We discovered the investment bankers obtained the best results when they used what the considered “over the top” which was really them stretching themselves to give it their best. As a result, I decided to name my coaching company, Over the Top Coaching. It’s coaching that is based on helping others to stretch themselves to obtain over the top results.

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Our Founder

Jeffrey Hatchell Jeffrey is an executive coach, a corporate facilitator and a motivational speaker. He has coached mid and senior level executives in Fortune 500 organizations as well as led leadership workshops with their teams.

As a motivational speaker, Jeff is known to inspire others to maximize their full potential. He is a sought after speaker who has done keynote addresses and motivational talks to national organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Jeff has appeared on television including the Black Renaissance Show and has contributed articles to the National Black MBA Magazine.

Jeffrey has extensive experience working in sales and leadership roles in Fortune 100 companies. This Coach U graduate received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing degree from Howard University. Jeffrey completed UCLA Anderson School of Management, Management Development Program. Jeffrey is an ordained Teacher at World Conquerors Church in Oakland, an avid reader of inspirational books, enjoys running in the Oakland hills and spending quality time with his wife Windy and their blended family of four children, Amen, Jenay, Justin and Joy.

What People Are Saying About Jeff Hatchell

You went beyond my hopes and expectations to energize the group, as well as to provide pertinent information about presentation skills and the opportunity for them to begin to build confidence in this area.

You have a keen understanding of the workforce and our business dynamics. Truly gifted!

Jeffrey was awesome and interesting. Kept the entire group engaged.

Very motivational speaker. Activities tied into the message or goal. A++

Tailored Solutions to Specific Needs


We tailor our solutions to address our clients' specific needs. We accomplish this in partnership with our internal champions by conducting an assessment of their current situation and determine their ideal outcome. Based on the results of our learnings, we design a 3 to 12 month curriculum with reinforcement for sustained results with maximum impact for over the top results.