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Did you know you are a one of a kind individual with strengths, talents and unique experiences that can be leveraged at your workplace?

Most people believe they are great but don't always bring that greatness to work, and consequently, they tend to stagnate while others flourish and pass them up on the corporate ladder. There are things you can do today to increase your value within the company, and with increased value comes promotions, raises and a powerful sense of accomplishment.

Executives from some of America's top corporations are praising The Inspired Career as this year's must-read book for the person who is not satisfied with their career and want more out of their vocation. This book will foster an internal drive to be, do and reach the peak in your work environment. Regardless of your position or tenure this book will help you hit the refresh button on your career. It will light a fire within you to be more fulfilled, effective and dare we say it? INSPIRED!

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What Executives are Saying

One of the best motivational career and leadership books without the fluff. The messages were not only timely, but speak to those "soft" skills that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Should be required reading for all young and experienced professionals.

- Keith Wyche - Former CEO of Acme Markets and Best Selling author of "Good is Not Enough"

The Inspired Career”, contains the key elements of Jeff’s coaching methodology and provides an excellent resource to professionals across industry to examine themselves, their current situation and how to realize their full potential and ambitions.

- Dean Edwards, Vice President, Global Strategic Sourcing - Levis Strauss & Co.

This is a terrific book. The way it was set up was ideal for me to quickly scan it and focus on areas of most pertinent to me. I found it to be practical, personal and timely. My first reaction is that it would be perfect for my Middle Managers but I found myself answering the questions. I now say it’s a coaching guide for today's leader at all levels.

- Dan Serpico - CEO, FusionStorm

For those committed to continuous improvement and advancement in the workplace, Jeff Hatchell provides a multitude of helpful, actionable pointers – all gained from personal experience.

- Anré Williams - President – Global Merchant Services & Loyalty American Express

About The Inspired Career Book

This book provides leadership coaching to those in organizations who are not getting it and desire to gain insights that can help them become more impactful and fulfilled at work. Leadership is not defined as your role or position as work. Leadership is influence. You can be at any level in any size organization and become a person of influence. This book sheds light on the essential skills to develop your leadership beyond being competent in your current role and making goals. Making goals is critical and the entry fee for keeping your job. It’s the intrinsic and soft skills that can set you apart from the bottom and middle of the corporate pyramid.

Who will benefit from this book?
  • The person who is in corporate or seeking to get in, yet not satisfied with their current job or feels stagnant in their role.
  • The person who wants to perform at another level and is not certain how to go about it.
  • The corporate professional who has made it into middle management as an IC, yet fills disillusioned in their new role.
  • Those who would like a fresh start and to reinvent themselves so they become a go-to person for more strategic assignments.
  • The small business owner who has a great business and idea but does not have the formal leadership training.
  • Those who are looking for an edge and desires to redefine him or herself to maximize their talents, experiences and strengths.
  • The career professional who would like to be more fulfilled in their current role and beyond.
How will this book benefit you?
  • This book will inspire you to explore the heart of where you are and will assist you in designing your career to maximize your potential and opportunities.
  • This book will help you to see your career in a more strategic manner.
  • It will allow you to view your career from a long-term and broader perspective rather than from your current situation.
  • It will help you glean lessons from where you started and where you are today so you are better positioned for your tomorrow.
  • The purpose is so you can understand how to use each experience for your ultimate good.
Why this book?

This is a coaching book that focuses on providing inspiration and leadership development.

Coaching is a term that is very popular in the corporate environment and I’ll share some background information that I read in Kevin Hall’s book entitled, “Aspire – Discovering your purpose through the power of words”. The word Coach derives from the horse-drawn coaches that were developed in the town of Kocs during the fifteenth century. The vehicles were originally used to transport royalty, but in time they also carried valuables, mail and common passengers. Kevin states, “A coach remains something or someone who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be.” So, if you had a coach, you knew you would end up at your desired destination.

John Maxwell states in his book, “The 15 Invaluable laws of growth” that coaches make a difference in other’s lives. They help them grow, improve their potential, increase their productivity and are essential to helping people effect positive change.

This is written to be a ‘leadership-coach’ in book form to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your career.

About the Author

Jeffrey is a certified executive coach, a corporate facilitator and a motivational speaker. He focuses on leadership development through executive coaching, team building workshops and motivational speaking. Over the Top Coaching won the prestigious award of Supplier of the Year by the Northern California Supplier Development Council.

Jeff has more than 20 years of experience working at Fortune 500 organizations in sales management and leadership roles, including working as Director of Sales Performance with American Express.

Jeff was a guest on the Black Renaissance Television Show and has contributed articles to the National Black MBA Magazine. He has coached mid and senior level executives in Fortune 500 organizations as well as led leadership workshops for their teams.

As a motivational speaker, Jeff inspires others to maximize their full potential. He is a sought after speaker who has done key-notes and motivational talks to some of the following organizations: the National Black MBA Association, National Association of Hispanic MBAs, Institute for Supply Chain Management, Google, AT&T, Chevron and The Clorox Company. He has provided leadership workshops to Bayer, Applied Materials, PG&E, Kaiser, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Comcast, Amgen, Panasonic, Genentech and many others.

This Coach U graduate received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing degree from Howard University. In addition, Jeffrey completed UCLA Anderson School of Management, Management Development Program for Entrepreneurs where his business improvement plan was highlighted on UCLA’s website as a best in class.

Jeffrey is an ordained Teacher at World Conquerors Church in Oakland, an avid reader of inspirational books, enjoys running in the Oakland hills and spending quality time with his wife Windy and their blended family of four children, Amen, Jenay, Justin and Joy.