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Authentic Leadership

In this talk, Jeff discusses what it means to be true to yourself in the corporate environment. Many think you have to be like other senior level leaders in order to make it to the top or be effective. Nothing could be further from the truth! In today’s dynamic workplace our uniqueness is what is valued and recognized. It’s what we bring to the table that is different and creative that helps organizations thrive. However, there are parameters and unwritten rules that must be followed. Jeff leverages his ability to make the complex simple in this talk on Authentic Leadership to help those in all level of their career to be more fulfilled by living by their values and being true to themselves.

National Sales Network Keynote

In this energetic key note address, Jeff encourages the participants with personal anecdotes of Having a big dream, Overcoming Obstacles, Perceiving the best in every situation and Expecting to receive their goals. This is an uplifting talk that will warm your heart and soul to want to go for your dreams and better understand that time is a major factor for having the courage to go for what’s in our heart. Listen and plan to take notes as you will want to take action on fulfilling your destiny.

Black Renaissance with Dr. Brenda Wade

Taking Businesses Over the Top with Career Coaching. Jeffrey Hatchell, President of Over the Top Coaching, explains how to tap into your resources during this tough economy.